MaTest is a logical matrix tester, a useful tool in logic research.

It applies the matrix-method (in the sense of Lewis & Langford1) exhaustively to well formed formulas (wff) and shows the results as a truth-table. Its algorithm constitutes a general solution to the matrix-method problem with finite matrices. Semantically speaking, defined a list of connectives as logical matrices, with a set of designated values, MaTest calculates, for every truth-value assignation, which values fold and wether they lie under the designated set or not. According to this assignations it evaluates the formula showing wether it is tautological, valid or contradictory.

The simplest task MaTest can perform is the generation of truth-tables in the classical propositional logic. This is, in fact, a special case of the matrix-method application.

MaTest is the successor of Matrigüity, created by José M. Méndez and Benito García Noriega in 1982. For more details see the History section.

MaTest is free software, released under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

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