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In the end of 1982, José M. Méndez Rodríguez and Benito García Noriega put together their knowledge in logics and IT respectively and their skills and wit to create a program to evaluate logical formulas which they called Matrigüity. Written in Basic and successfully developed with the rather rudimentary resources available to them at that moment (a couple of computers, one of which  could be considered a toy), Matrigüity proved to be a useful tool in Méndez's research development and his pupils and collaborators'.

Matrigüity has known three updated versions for Windows. The first one was developed by Pedro Méndez Rodríguez, the second one by Margarita Vázquez Campos and the third one, directed by José M. Méndez, by Enrico Marchioni in 2002. [Translated from a text written by Gemma Robles in 2007].

MaTest is a free and multi-platform implementation written in C, started by César González in 2008. It includes and extends the features present in the previous versions. Its development has produced code in form of a library with functionality that enables the creation of other applications with a common ground.

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